September 2010

50 years of Frecce Tricolori

Last weekend our company set up a day at Rivolto airport, to attend the airshow for the 50th anniversary of PAN - Frecce Tricolory. Thanks to our parent company Finmeccanica we were able to obtain passes to park at the airport and be guest at the Finmeccanica chalet, just to the left of the authorities area in the middle of the airport.

We arrived early and we were able to take seats in the front row, along the taxyway parallel to the runaway, where the acrobatic teams planes were parked, under a perfect blue sky and shining sun, with just a hint of wind.

To celebrate the PAN 50th "birthday" AMI (Aereonautica Militare Italiana - Italian Air Force) organized the 10th acrobatic team pilots meeting. The military acrobatic teams from Poland, Croatia, Spain, Jordan, Switzerland, France, UK, and of course Italy were present.