June 2010

Does InstallAware cripple Internet Explorer?

It looks InstallAware may cripple your Internet Explorer setting a low value in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings, ReceiveTimeout. It could be set to 10000 (10 seconds), and that will make Internet Explorer timeout and  show its very little informative "Page cannot be displayed" message (it never says why it wasn't able to load the page, if it was a timeout, an unreachable address or whatever).

It's a matter of mindset

When I wrote the QC entry about Datasnap 2010 HTTP client missing proxy support, I marked it as a bug. It was later changed by a sysop to an "enhancement request". That simple change shows why Delphi is in the actual state. It's a problem of mindset. Embarcadero people still lack the mindset to deliver applications made for the 2010s.

Why Datasnap 2010 is a toy library

To this StackOverflow question, I simply answered to forget D2010 Datasnap because IMHO it is only half-backed and lacks several needed features and is not flexible. Two people commented my answer was not helpful, and wrote Datasnap is absolutely flexible (later one comment was withdrawn).