January 2010

A new sport: hunting and killing useless processes. The Paint Shop Pro X3 case.

Lately I started a new sport. After each installation, I hunt and kill all the useless processes that too many applications runs at startup without a good reason. Although Delphi is in the pack too (why does it starts BlackfishSQL without asking?), today I'll examine Corel Paint Shop Pro X3. I've been using PSP since version four or five - and it was a good small program for image editing. Now in the Corel's hands it entered the "bloatware" category fully - and adopted tha bad behaviour to install several processes running all the time without asking the user. The latest setup, fully luser compliant, asks only the destination folder.

Dr. Bob "discovers" Datasnap 2010 security is nonexistent

I've complained a lot about the security (or better, lack of) of Datasnap 2010. The usual answer was that I was wrong, and anyway filters could be used to implement it. Now Bob Swart - who wrote the Delphi 2010 Datasnap white paper - filed two QC entries about Datasnap security. The first asking for HTTPS support, the other reporting a serious performance issue when using filters.