October 2009

Message Compiler Editor 2.2 released

After a long time, I've released a new version of the Message Compiler Editor. This release comes with a setup and a help file. Only minor changes has been made to the editor, now comments are written to the message text file, the options dialog is shown before each compilation, and the OutputBase parameter is now supported. Manifest file are not supported - support is planned for version 3.
Message Compiler Editor is available here.

Delphi@Embarcadero: in the wrong hands?

Lately I started to ask myself if all the cheerings about Embarcadero being the right home for Delphi were wrong. I do not mind they killed the CodeGear brand, I never believed in it. And being Italian, I have no problem to spell Embarcadero. I just feel almost nothing is changed from Borland days, and new issues look to arise.