December 2008

Wacom Bonsai drivers installation may require an hotfix on XP

One of my christmas presents was a Wacom Bonsai pen tablet. It was a bit disappointing to see that the driver installation got blocked in the middle. Downloaded the latest driver from Wacom site, but same result.

CodeGear (Borland) "non finito": not properly a form of art

While enabling a Delphi application to connect to its remote server using a TSocketConnection and not only a TDCOMConnection, I found ian ssue while I was returning Int64 data. It worked flawlessy via DCOM, but not via the easier-to-setup socket connection. What was happening? Well, in SConnect.pas there is this declaration:

[delphi]VariantSize: array[0..varLongWord] of Word = (...)[/delphi]

It is used in TDataBlockInterpreter.ReadVariant() to get the data size to be read from the stream the socket connection uses to pass data around: