August 2007

Codegear the never ending sale

CodeGear CEO Jim Douglas has answered Marco Cantù regarding his open letter to Todd Nielsen. What Marco disclosed is available here

As usual, "The rationale behind those comments relates with shareholder expectations." Which means that shareholders hoped to get more money, even if it means to kill the milk cow or buy some subprime mortgages <G> 

Delphi the cash cow: no milk enough for Mr. Nielsen

Marco Cantù posted an open letter to Borland CEO Tod Nielsen after he blamed CodeGear for earning just $1.3 millions in the second quarter, and therefore not helping enough to cover the $12 million loss of the "solid revenues" from the ALM business, now that ALM tools became the main company products and the "commodity" IDE business was spun off.

mwpugln is a spam user targeting Drupal sites - delete it!

Many Drupal sites are being accessed by a user named mwpugln. And googling a bit, I saw many administrators wondering what user it is. Well, it's not difficult to find out it's just a bot used to spam Drupal sites, adding comments containint links to the usual spam-advertised products. It looks to be a bot because it uses several different IPs scattered around the world: