December 2006


Message compiler

The Message Compiler Editor is a small utility to create. manage and compile Windows message files to be used with the Windows event viewer. Creating a message file is s multistep process that requires to write the source message file, compile it with the SDK message compiler (mc.exe), then adding it to a resouce file and compile it. The last step is to add it to an executable (exe or dll) and register it with the event viewer.

Information Technology: 

Integrating Mantis and CVS/CVSNT

Currently CVS comes in two versions: the original CVS (available at, and CVSNT (, originally a native port to Windows systems, but then become a whole project on its own available on many platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOSX) and with several new features. Both versions share a common architecture, and from now on "CVS" will refer to both versions, but where stated explicitly.

Information Technology: 

Mercury/32 and the importance of being updated

Some years ago, when spam became intolerable, I looked for a mail server that could be run on Windows at home, and configurable enough to allow blacklists, SpamAssassin and antivirus software to be used. Also, I needed IMAP4 access to access my mailboxes from different machines (at home, at work, on the road) and have them in synch without much hassle - and to avoid to download unneeded or unfiltered spam messages while on a GPRS connection.

Of course Exchange and Domino were out of the question due to their cost and resources needed, while some *nix ports like XMail lacked IMAP support and needed separate applications, and sometimes are a bit too complex to setup.

PHP and the "not my problem" attitude

Recently, I decided to upgrade my personal web server. I'm using Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows because I am not a web developer, I do not like IIS/MSDE/ASP.NET too much, and I started to use (L)AMP applications before .NET was even born.

I upgraded PHP to version 5.2. First, I tried the new .msi installer. It gave an error without any hint about what went wrong, so I reverted to the old .zip file.

When I started to configure PEAR, I got a bunch of errors. The first thought was "What the heck...!!!????". A quick search on Google revelead it was not a fault of mine. The PEAR release in PHP 5.2 for Windows was broken. Probably, that was the reason the .msi installer failed too - I've selected pear to be installed as well.